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Waste sorting station
System productive capacity: 60 - 80 t/day

Waste sorting station allows sorting and recycling up to 90% of waste materials. Depending on waste type, they are carved, separated, automatically or manually sorted on a sorting line and after that sorted waste is loaded into containers or press containers/compactors, or is pressed for further transportation and recycling of:

  • construction and production waste;
  • household waste;
  • electronic and machinery waste.

Sorting line for solid waste, productive capacity 60-80t/day:

  1. Solid waste delivery
  2. Plastic bags shredder 
  3. Chain conveyor
  4. Oscillating separator
  5. Container for fine for hook lift 35m3
  6. Sorting cabin
  7. Sorting platform
  8. Stationary compactor wit container 35m3. Catch for biowaste
  9. Sorting line
  10. Reverse conveyor
  11. Magneto-excretory system
  12. Container for ferrous metals 35m3
  13. Container for base metals 35m3
  14. Stationary compactor with container 35m3 for cardboard
  15. Stationary compactor with container 35m3 for paper
  16. Stationary compactor with container 35m3 for Tetra packing
    or PET bottles