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Combined vehicles
Collection of solid waste and recyclable materials can be efficiently organized with special combined vehicles equipped with manipulator and press. There are two types of such vehicles: truck equipped with hooklift system, manipulator and compactor, and truck equipped with rear loader system and manipulator. Such vehicles easily lift container at the distance of 5-6 meters and empty it into press. 

Truck for scrap metal

Truck equipped with hooklift system HKS24, hydraulic crane and manipulator system is intended for collection and transportation of scrap metal from places of collection to places of receiving, sorting or recycling. Truck for scrap metal is able to take container off the truck with hooklift system and leave it on site for loading or unloading, as well as lift loaded container back to chassis or place loaded container on trailer. When placing container on trailer, at first hooklift system lifts and places container on chassis and then pulls container on trailer, which is taking not more than 5 minutes.

When "polyp grab" attachment is mounted to manipulator, vehicle becomes perfect for collection of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Manipulator with "polyp grab" attachment provides loading of scrap metal into demountable containers. High loading capacity of crane and manipulator system allows collecting scrap metal of any size and handling radius up to 7 m makes it possible to collect scrap metal from hard-to-reach places.

Truck for scrap metal could be used also in truck-trailer combination, which could collect up to 70 m3 of scrap metal in two demountable containers and transport it to places of receiving, sorting or recycling.


Wide range of changeable attachments for hydraulic manipulator allows expanding features of the truck and performing multiple tasks:


  • with crane attachment – loading and transportation of construction materials, performing of construction works;
  •  with open-side grapple – loading and transportation of sawdust, chips and other woodworking waste; 
  • with container grapple – collection and transportation of recyclable materials and solid waste; possibility to empty containers with bottom emptying up to 5m3 directly into demountable container.

  Technical characteristics of truck for scrap metal: 
Lifting capacity of hooklift system, tons
Volume of usable containers, m3
up to 35
Length of usable containers, mm 4500-8000
Time of loading/unloading, sec 30-60 
Operating mechanism hydraulic
Operating pressure in the hydraulic system, kgf/cm2 250 
Dumping angle, deg  50 
Load moment, ton-meter 8 
Arm of crane, m 7.10
Rotating mechanism, deg 2х360 
Folding type  Z-shaped 


Multipurpose vehicle for construction works

Special-purpose attachment with crane for hydraulic manipulator makes it possible to load and transport construction materials, equipment, tools and cabins to construction sites. In truck-trailer combination this vehicle becomes indispensable for regional road repair works.

Multipurpose vehicle for recyclable materials 

Special-purpose attachment for hydraulic manipulator makes it possible to empty containers with bottom emptying for recyclable materials. Such vehicle becomes indispensable for example for crushed glass collectors. 

Manipulator with „polyp grab"
attachment for scrap metal with
HКS 24/5400 hooklift system
(on IVECO STRALIS chassis)

Manipulator with „polyp grab"
attachment for scrap metal with
HКS 24/5400 hooklift system
(on КАМАZ 6520 chassis)

Rear loader R22 with manipulator
(on SCANIA P380 chassis)

ar loader R22 with manipulator
(on VOLVO FM400 chassis)

Refuse vehicle based on HKS24/5400
hooklift system, EMC20 mobile
compactor and manipulator
(on URAL chassis)