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LDS10-S with sliding frame
Liftdumper system with sliding frame is perfectly suitable for working in limited spaces, since it has better maneuverability comparing to liftdumper system with fixed frame. Frame could be extended in order to provide more space for placing of containers If necessary, frame can slide back for working in limited spaces.

This model of liftdumper system is intended for installation on a chassis with carrying capacity of 16-20 tons, with axle configuration 4x2 and wheel base from 4000mm. This model is able to transport up to 2 liftdumper containers of 8m3.

Lifting capacity, t
Volume of usable containers, m3
up to 18
Length of usable containers, mm
up to 5000
Angle of lower portal frame, deg
up to 135
Angle of upper portal frame, deg
up to 110
Weight, kg
Installed length, mm
up to 4900
Height, mm
Sliding platform extension, mm
up to 1500