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Rear Loader
Rear loaders – combination of time-proved reliability and affordable price. In developing rear loaders, we have used advanced manufacturing technologies, which were tested and proven by time and intensive operation. For real loaders we have developed pressing mechanism which ensures a high level of compression of waste. The body is made from high-quality steel and adapted for operation in tough conditions.


Rear loader is intended for emptying of different types of back loading and combi containers. Rear loader garbage truck is meant to empty containers with hydraulic device or winch. Waste inside of garbage truck are pressed what increases efficiency of using this type of equipment. Rear loader garbage truck is intended to handle household and commercial refuse as well as compactable industrial waste.


Technical specification:

Rear loader body is produced of high-strength steel Domex 650MC, 4-6 mm thick at 12-22 m3 rear loaders and 2 mm at 5-8 m3 rear loaders.
Plain sides have a present-day design (without profiles). The bottom of container is cone-shaped (for effective flow of caustic filtrate from garbage in order to prolong the life of the body).

Loading chamber is made of high-strength steel Hardox 500, 6-8mm thick.

In production of rear loader body superstructures high-quality cylinders of Swedish and Danish manufacturers are used.

All valves are with electro hydraulic control.

Maximum system pressure is ca 250 bar.

Hydraulic flow: ca 80 l/min, lifting device ca 40 l/min.


In standard up to 95% of hydraulic hoses, which could be damaged, are protected with metal casing.

Loading of waste:
DIN lift for lifting of bins from 120 to 1100 liters. Pneumatic bin catcher and shaking mechanism are provided.

Lifting capacity: 500 kg.
Lift cycle time: 6 - 12 sec.

Winch for loading of containers from 1,5 to 16 m3. Unique Swedish system with lifting capacity of 5 tons. This high-performance system is widely used in Scandinavian countries.

Time of unloading of 16m3 container ca 5 min.

Electrical system:
Voltage: 24 V.

PLC control system (Schneider Electric, Germany).

2 control boxes on the body (with emergency stop).

2 control boxes on the tailgate (with emergency stop).

Additional accessories:
Body: drain tank, drain holes with valves (2 pcs.), footboards with sensors, limitation of speed up to 30 km/h and speed of backing, broom and shovel.

Tailgate: reversing camera, automatic lubrication system SKF, drain valve, tipping device, stopper beam for plastic bins.

Additional equipment:
Winch system and shaking mechanism for tipping device, additional beacon light on the body, additional beacon light on the tailgate, LED lamps, stainless steel or plastic toolboxes.

Monitor in the cabin and one reversing camera in the tailgate could be supplied as an option. This option significantly increases safety of the truck backing and quickens access to containers.
Rear loaders could be equipped with LED lights, lamps and sidelights: 2 night-time lighting lanterns, sidelights on sides of superstructure, backing lamps, turn lights, brake lights. Durability of LED lights equipment is up to 10 years without replacement of LEDs.

Garbage truck R16
Garbage truck R8

(on VOLVO FLH240 chassis)

(on MITSUBISHI FUSO chassis)