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Hooklift systems
Hooklift system is intended for use in different areas: waste collection and transportation, construction works, road works, transport, communal services, agriculture, etc. It allows using one chassis for different types of work without loss of time and resources of company. Hooklift system can be mounted on 2-, 3- or 4-axle chassis of any manufacturer and any type.

Advantages of use of hooklift system:

  • simplicity, usability and safety of operation;
  • multifunctionality – one truck can carry out different types of work, it is just needed to change mounting attachment or demountable container;
  • time saving during loading and unloading;
  • possibility to use vehicle without downtime, maximum exploitation of chassis;
  • costs reduction due to usage of less vehicle units;
  • maneuverability – allows to set container to a distant place from the truck by pulling of container to a desired place, what is impossible while operating with cablelift system;
  • possibility to combine with crane, manipulator and trailer;
  • operation from truck cabin.

Possible loads for transportation:

  • different types of waste (household waste, construction waste, metal scrap, secondary raw materials, sawdust and other woodworking wastes, agricultural and other goods); 
  • fluid-containing household and industrial waste, sludge, liquid organic waste, and other types of waste containing wet fractions (to be transported in special leakproof containers); 
  • mobile compactors and stationary compactor containers;
  • construction materials (to be transported on platforms or in special containers);
  • vehicles, tractors etc. (to be transported with platform);
  • loose goods, gravel, breakstone, sand, soil, etc (to be transported with dumper containers);
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), baled secondary raw materials, pallets, cargo and hazardous waste (to be transported with special containers with side and back doors);
  • tanks, cement-mixers, compressors, sea containers, etc (to be mounted on hooklift frame and transported like any other hooklift container).

Installation of hooklift system is possible on chassis of all leading manufacturers (Volvo, Scania, Mersedes-Bens, Man, Iveco, DAF, Isuzu, etc), as well as on chassis of other manufacturers in accordance with technical parameters and stated requirements.

Steps of operation:

  1. Emptying of container   2. Lifting of container to truck   3. Placing of container to trailer

HKS-24/5400, 5750

ECOPRESS HKS24 hooklift system
(on FORD CARGO 3230 chassis)

ECOPRESS HKS24 hooklift
system with manipulator
(on КАМАZ 6520 chassis)

ECOPRESS HKS24 hooklift system
(on SCANIA P380 chassis)

ECOPRESS HKS24 hooklift system
(on FAW 3253 chassis)

ECOPRESS HKS24 hooklift system
(on MB ACTROS 2036 chassis)

ECOPRESS HKS5 hooklift system
(on MITSUBISHI FUSO chassis)