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Liftdumper systems
 Liftdumper system is intended for collection and transportation of household waste, recyclable materials, construction waste, metal scrap, sawdust and other woodworking wastes, loose goods, agricultural and other goods.

Liftdumper system is able to take liftdumper container off the truck, leave it on site for loading or unloading, to conduct lifting and mounting of empty or filled containers on chassis.

Depending on a liftdumper model, the truck is able to transport up to six empty open liftdumper containers or four filled containers. Liftdumper system hoists container from the ground, mounts it by the cabin and fixates it on the carrier vehicle chassis, then system maintains the second container in the same way.


Liftdumper system successfully works in truck-trailer combination. The amount of the containers that could be transported increases. In this case packs of containers are loaded first on the trailer and after that on the carrier vehicle chassis.
Steps of operation: 
1. Emptying of container       2. Lifting of container            3. Placing of container to trailer 
                                                      /placing to chassis

Advantages of use of liftdumper system: 
  • significant reduction of loading/unloading time (unloading of truck-trailer combination takes approximately 5 minutes);
  • more easy and safe loading;
  • convenience of use on sites with limited space;
  • convenience of use with trailers;
  • possibility to transfer waste from smaller liftdumper containers into bigger hooklift containers on site.

Truck equipped with liftdumper system successfully works in truck-trailer combination, which allows transporting of more liftdumper containers at once.


Liftdumper system makes it possible to transfer waste from smaller liftdumper containers into bigger hooklift containers on site. This operation has to be performed on plane and stable surface; weight of transferred waste shouldn't exceed 4-5 tons.





LDS-18 with fixed frame
LDS10-S with sliding frame
LDS10-SHF with sliding platform and frame for hooklift system

(on VOLVO FH12 chassis)

(on КАМАZ 65117 chassis)

(on SCANIA P230 chassis)