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Trailers for transportation of different types of containers enable to reduce transportation costs due to possibility of transportation of several containers at the same time with one truck.

Ecopress offers wide range of trailers which could be used in truck-trailer combination with all types of chassis of any manufacturer which are equipped with drawbar.

Advantages of use of trailers:
  • reduction of transportation costs (fuel rate, reparations, etc);
  • reduction of vehicle units (staff amount, service, etc);
  • possibility to use with different types of containers;
  • easy to use and maintain;
  • reduction of time required for transportation of given volume;
  • high speed of loading / unloading works;
  • reduction of air and environmental pollution.

2-axle trailer LVS20 / LVS20 Combi
2-axle lightweight trailer «Buggy»
3-axle trailer LVS29/LVS30 with hydraulic lifting
4-axle trailer LVS40/LVS40 Combi


LVS20 Combi


LVS29 Tipping

LVS30 Dumper