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Mobile compactors
Mobile compactor is intended to press different types of waste; it reduces volume of storable waste as well as transportation costs. Depending on type of waste, compaction rate of mobile compactor can vary from 1:3 to 1:10, what guarantees economical efficiency and payback of equipment.


In system of mobile compactor press and waste container are made as monobloc unit, what provides maneuverability and mobility of use of this equipment in different places, since replacement of container does not require disassembling from the press.

Mobile compactor is suitable for operation in all weather conditions at temperatures from -50C to +50C. Low noise level is ensured during operation. Pressing system is equipped with pressure sensors (mechanical sensors are not applied) what prevents operation failures during pressing. All compactors are fully equipped with high level safety protection, such as oil level sensors, time limit sensors and temperature sensors.

Pressure and compacting cycle time could be adjusted. All compactors meet requirements of EU directives 89/392EEC, 91/368EEC, 93/44EEC, 93/68EEC on equipment and machinery safety, and are provided with CE marking and user's manual.


Advantages of mobile compactor:

  • reduction of volume of waste;
  • decrease of transportation costs due to reduction of volume of waste;
  • possibility of selling of some types of recyclable waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.);
  • usage of bio compactor with leakproof option allows collecting and storing fluid-containing waste without leakage and contamination of environment;
  • maneuverability and mobility of use in different places and for different needs.

Materials, suitable for pressing:

  • wrapping paper and cardboard, waste paper, printing waste;
  • plastic, polyethylene, plastic bottles and packing;
  • organic waste; household and mixed waste;
  • cellulose and other woodworking waste;
  • different waste from production facilities, warehouses and terminal;
  • cans (tin, aluminium), metal drums.

Loading types:

Manual Loading
Waste materials are loaded manually. After filling the chamber pressing is started.

Loading with bins using bin lift system
Compactor is equipped with special bin lift system for 240-1100L containers. Filled container is placed towards the bin lift system and emptied into the compactor, after container is emptied pressing can be started.

Loading with forklift
Waste is gathered into special TIP-containers, which can be easily emptied into compactor with the help of forklift.

Loading through waste feeding channel
If waste materials appear to be inside of the building, then it possible to construct waste feeding channel which connects building and loading chamber of compactor. Remote control is placed inside of the building.

Loading with conveyor
Waste can be loaded into the compactor with conveyor. Waste is loaded directly to loading chamber which is connected to compactor with waste feeding channel.

Loading chamber types:
Open loading chamber with low sides
Suitable for loading from any side; most suitable for loading with bin lift and through waste feeding channel.Suitable for loading from any side; most suitable for loading with bin lift and through waste feeding channel.

Open loading chamber with high sides
Suitable for loading from the ground (at the front of the compactor) and from ramp (from right or left side of the compactor.

Closed loading chamber with side loading doors
and front wall
Suitable for loading from the ground, through side loading doors, or from the ramp.

Closed loading chamber with angled sides
Suitable for loading from any side.

Additional remote control panel, signals 75% and 100%
Additional remote control panel allows operating the compactor from any side. Signals 75% and 100% indicate when the compactor should be emptied.

Removable hook
Combined hook is suitable for trucks with different types of hooklift system. Drop down hook allows putting compactor close to the wall and does not hinder loading from the front side of the compactor.

Removable front rollers
Required for placing compactor on guiding rails, under conveyor or hopper. Useful for installation on uneven surface, helps to avoid displacement of the compactor.

Leakproof rear door - bio model
Allows collecting and storing fluid-containing waste without leakage and contamination of environment. 

Guiding rails
Required for fast and precise installation of compactor towards waste feeding channel or hopper. 

Bottom heating
To avoid waste freezing to the bottom of compactor during the cold season, compactor can be equipped with automatic electrical heating or heating with truck exhaust. 

Ozone air freshener
During warm season organic and mixed waste produce objectionable odor and bacteria. Ozone air freshener effectively eliminates odor and kills bacteria.

Mini Bio
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