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Hooklift containers with side & back doors

Area of use:

Intended for collection and transportation of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), baled secondary raw materials, pallets, cargo and hazardous waste, as well as other goods which could be loaded/unloaded with a forklift from the side. Could be used as storage container and as station for WEEE collection.

Standard specification / Model HL_SBD:

  • frame according to SS, DIN and other standards;
  • hooklift/cablelift lifting equipment;
  • bottom 4mm / back side 3mm, St.37-2 steel;
  • back side and bottom profiles 40x80x40x3 mm, except the last side tube which is 120x60x5 mm;
  • side doors 2mm, profiled steel, St.37-2 steel, with locking mechanism for each door;
  • double side opening rear doors with 2 or 3 hinges with grease nipple on each hinge;
  • hook-type locking mechanism;
  • safety lock operated from the side;
  • surface treatment - shot blasting sa 2,5, primer 60 my, paint 60 my;

Optional extras:

  • St.52-3, Hardox, Raex steel, sheet thickness varies by application;
  • steel net boxes;
  • flat steel roof;
  • net roof;
  • tarpaulin tent roof;
  • hydraulic cylinder with hand pump for operation of roof;
  • cable winch for operation of roof;
  • fastening hooks inside;
  • steel plates for logo stickers;
  • reflex decals;
  • other extras at request;

Payload volume, m3
Width inside, mm
Width outside, mm
Length inside, mm
Length outside, mm
Heigh inside, mm
Heigh outside, mm